pInsights an Interactive Web App

pInsights is an interactive web app that enables business users to perform ad hoc data exploration, data mining and predictive modeling to discover insights and make decisions, in narrative, presentation, or dashboard forms.

pAnalytics a powerful Analytic platform

pAnalytics is a powerful, fast, sophisticated big data analytics platform for data scientists and data engineers. It provides popular programming interface that data scientist and data engineers are most familiar with, including R, Python, SQL, and Java.

Visual & Narrative

Provide a fully editable document that contains all your queries, exploratory text, resulting charts and graphics to make a reproducible record of the discovery process.

Real-time & Collaborative

Easy to create interactive and beautiful visualizations, charts and dashboards. Support multiple users to collaborate on an analysis document in real-time.

Big, Fast & Predictive

Provide a large collection of both basic statistics and advanced predictive analytics APIs. Support Big & Fast data science on Hadoop, Cassandra, and any SQL-compatible data sources .

Getting started with Adatao

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